Learning to drive is as easy as mirror, signal and manoeuvre

Learning to drive is as easy as mirror, signal and manoeuvre

Learning to drive is one of the best times of any teenager’s life. They cannot wait to get behind the wheel of their very own car so learning to drive safely and with the right people is incredibly important.

However, there are many newbies that want to learn to drive but seem very apprehensive and nervous of getting behind the wheel. The truth of the matter is that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Driving instructors are trained to very high standards and are paid to ensure that you are taught how to drive in the safest environment possible.

You may have heard the term, mirror, signal and manoeuvre before. Although this is part of learning to drive, it’s actually called something else and this is one of the steps that your driving instructor will go through with you.

So What’s Learning to Drive Like?

Honestly? Very easy and nothing like many people make it out to be.

You shouldn’t feel worried. As you take control of the car for the first time, it can seem a little daunting. However, your driving instructor’s car will have something that is called “Dual-Controls”. This means that your driving instructor will also have a clutch and foot-brake should they every need to intervene (something that very rarely happens).

As you begin learning to drive with your driving lessons in Southall your instructor will begin on larger roads with less traffic to allow you to understand the cars controls and get to grips with your biting point.

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