Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive Driving Courses

Here at Learn in Luton, not only do we provide quality driving lessons in Luton, we also offer intensive driving courses to suit all learners.

But what is an intensive course? With an intensive driving course, you can pass your driving test in 1-2 weeks. Generally, you will take your driving lessons back to back throughout the week and have your driving test at the end of your course. An intensive course can suit all kinds of learners, however you need to have the availability to take lots of lessons in a short space of time, so if you have a 9-5 full time job, an intensive course may not suit you – unless you book time off to take the course.

We also provide semi-intensive courses, where like the intensive course, you can achieve a pass quickly, however with a semi intensive course, it spans across 3-4 weeks and is a little more relaxed. This would suit you if you don’t have as much availability or if you would like a less stressful approach.

All of our intensive driving courses are tailored specifically to your needs and are planned according to what you need to work on. We gauge this information through our assessment lesson, where we find out how many lessons you need and what

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